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At RIT, our engineering students dismantle tough problems in the search for solutions. We take on important challenges–the environment, energy, health care, manufacturing, and more–to find the engineering solutions that lead to significant change. And dynamic change like this transforms the world.

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Engineering in action. It’s what we do. In our engineering and engineering technology programs, you’ll learn the theory and principles behind engineering, and you’ll apply them–on full-time, paid cooperative education experiences, with teammates on performance teams and clubs, and in makerspaces where you can bring any idea to life. You’ll have unprecedented access to design tools, makerspaces, labs, and an entrepreneurial ecosystem to design, build, test, and prototype your creations.

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  • May 4, ck棋牌

    ck棋牌two students working in room with orange-tinted windows.

    RIT Class of ck棋牌 Master Plan gives grads a solid next step

    RIT has announced a tuition scholarship program for this year’s RIT graduates seeking to further advance their career opportunities while the job market recalibrates and the country responds to the coronavirus pandemic. The RIT Class of ck棋牌 Master Plan includes a special scholarship covering 55% of graduate tuition. RIT students who graduate in May or August this year may be eligible for this scholarship.

  • May 4, ck棋牌

    ck棋牌four female engineering Ph.D. students.

    RIT doctoral students set to contribute to health care, imaging and space fields

    Alyssa Owens is contributing new ways to diagnose breast cancer and Poornima Kalyanram has discovered how fluorescent molecules might help to identify diseased cells. Karen Soule and Fatemeh Shah-Mohammadi are part of breakthrough work in developing carbon nanotubes and cognitive radio networks—advances in technology that will power tomorrow’s electronic devices. All four are on track to graduate with a Ph.D. in engineering.

  • May 1, ck棋牌

    ck棋牌student wearing sunglasses highlights paper under colorful light.

    First-year students develop imaging system to study historical artifacts

    A multidisciplinary team of first-year students has been working to develop an imaging system that can reveal information hidden in historical documents for their Innovative Freshmen Experience project-based course. But with the shift to remote classes, the students left campus with the device nearly complete. Although disappointed, they shifted focus to the opportunities the new situation would create.

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