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At once foundational, contemporary, and forward-thinking – science and math at RIT blend a passion for research, the practical application of theory, and the active pursuit of new discoveries to create a potent mix.

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How do you quantify potential? It’s what you do. The level at which you operate. Your dedication to discovery. Benefit from immersive, hands-on research opportunities and state-of-the-art research and lab facilities. Our programs are a pipeline to graduate study or an immediate gateway to a career. Rise to the challenge in an environment that is as competitive as it is collaborative. You’ll arrive at solutions that will expand your sense of what is possible.

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  • May 6, ck棋牌

    ck棋牌student posing behind Shortsville, N.Y. ambulance.

    Biomedical sciences graduate balanced studies with emergency medicine

    Graduating senior and first responder Bryon Campbell spent his final semester at RIT on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic. A New York State Emergency Medical Technician and Certified Flight Paramedic, Campbell volunteered more than 35 hours per week with Shortsville Fire and Ambulance in Shortsville, N.Y.

  • May 5, ck棋牌

    ck棋牌Jessica Salamone, adjunct professor, College of Health Sciences and Technology.

    Jessica Salamone wins Outstanding Teaching Award for Non-Tenure-Track Faculty

    Jessica Salamone ’99 (biotechnology), an adjunct professor in the College of Health Sciences and Technology and director of Genetic Counseling and Cancer Risk Assessment at Elizabeth Wende Breast Care in Rochester, is the recipient of this year's Outstanding Teaching Award for Non-Tenure-Track Faculty.

  • May 4, ck棋牌

    ck棋牌two students working in room with orange-tinted windows.

    RIT Class of ck棋牌 Master Plan gives grads a solid next step

    RIT has announced a tuition scholarship program for this year’s RIT graduates seeking to further advance their career opportunities while the job market recalibrates and the country responds to the coronavirus pandemic. The RIT Class of ck棋牌 Master Plan includes a special scholarship covering 55% of graduate tuition. RIT students who graduate in May or August this year may be eligible for this scholarship.

  • May 4, ck棋牌

    ck棋牌student in lab coat using pippette.

    Research propels biotechnology and molecular bioscience student KayLee Steiner to top Ph.D. program

    KayLee Steiner knows her way around a research laboratory. Her extensive undergraduate research experience made her an appealing candidate when she began applying to Ph.D. programs. After receiving offers from top-notch graduate programs including Duke, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and others, she will pursue her Ph.D. at Vanderbilt University’s School of Medicine.

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